About Kahoot Login

Kahoot is a global game based learning platform where students or players create, share and play the game within minutes. Three aspects of creating, playing and sharing are involved in playing this learning-based game in minutes. This game can be played in working places, offices, classrooms or at home as well.

Creating Kahoots is fun for players who create the questions in text form or arrange the questions as per their choice as like including diagrams, videos or images to make the gaming experience more engaging. Players join the created Kahoots by a unique PIN and can start play the game or answering the questions. They use their own devices and if they are hosting the game then they must have a big screen as well. Additionally, for answering the questions, players can also send the challenges to others to play it at their own pace.

After completing the challenges or answering the questions, players can also share their Kahoots with others. There is also an option to co-creating the game with colleagues in class or training workplace.

Kahoot Login:

Before playing Kahoot it is necessary to create an account on Kahoot and must be login into your account. If you don’t have account on kahoot, so you need to visit: https://kahootlogin.net/ for create Kahoot account.

Kahoot’s Mission:

Teachers and students enjoy Kahoot by introducing new topics and challenges with creating the questions; they review the creating challenges and collective data for more formative assessments. Kahoot involves in offices or workplaces for new challenges, events and presentations in an engaging and attractive manner. It is a fun between families and friends in parties, birthdays, family events and much more for making the events more awesome.

Kahoot is an empowering platform which is available as free and paid plans for teachers, students, office colleagues, family members and friends with a fun and engagement. Over 8 million teachers are using Kahoot for increasing learning and motivation globally. Hundreds of millions of companies, students and families are also involving in playing Kahoot.

Kahoot’s core mission is to make awesome learning experiences as game-based questions creating, playing and sharing within minutes. It is all about lifelong learning experiences for obtaining new skills by playing different challenges. It is a great gaming platform for learners and teachers for unleashing the gaming activities within classrooms, living rooms or offices.

No age limits and experiences are needed for playing Kahoot challenges and for creating questions, playing challenges or sharing Kahoots with others.

Important key Facts:

For current time, there are 24 million active users were found in the last 12 months. Over 97% companies are playing Kahoot for training and learning via presentations, events and onboarding. Globally top 500 higher educational universities and institutions are using Kahoot with the percentage of 97%. Users and players create, play and share the gaming experiences with Kahoot challenges with the range of 100 million+ estimations. Over 200 regions and countries are participating in the organized sessions of Kahoot learning and gaming programs.

Historical Aspects of Kahoot:

Kahoot was introduced in 2012 by Morten Versvik, Johan Brand, and Jamie Brooker as team members with Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU); the team was organized by Professor Alf Inge Wang. Kahoot is based on research technology by Morten Versvik, who was doing his Master’s degree from NTNU.

In March 2013, Kahoot was presented at SXSW EDU and then in September in the same year, Kahoot was officially opened in front of public and still riding in a successful way as worldwide. In the very first times of Kahoot program, it is based on playing at classrooms only but afterword it was important to start the learning journey globally as like in living rooms, offices and anywhere. Kahoot’s learning apps are also included in DragonBox that was maker of award-winning apps for learning math and Poio in 2019.

Kahoot was expanded with Actimo for enterprising more learning experiences in 2020. The leading executive management is included Eilert Giertsen Hanoa, Åsmund Furuseth, Lars Erik Grønntun, Ken Østreng, Jostein Håvaldsrud, Elizabeth Kleive, Julie Wessel, Ranjit Mahida. The Board of Directors is Lori Wright, Joanne Bradford, Andreas Hansson, Stefan Blom, Chris Caulkin, Charlotte Kristiansen, and Alexander Remen.

Over 200 countries with 10 billion participants hosted the millions of learning sessions organized in 2013. Kahoot serves 1.4 million users to paying with headquarters and offices in Oslo, Norway, US, UK, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Spain and Poland as well.

Working at Kahoot:

Kahoot always welcomes to the new workers and groups for making the learning more engaging and motivated. They motivate the new staff by providing them the jobs or career opportunities by building the learning experiences positively. At their official websites users can check the open positions and can apply for the posts easily. Kahoot is trending gaming that is getting fame at Oslo Stock Exchange’s main list.

Investors and companies participate with Kahoot as like groups of DragonBox, Poio, and Drops, Actimo, and Motimate are exiting companies along with award-winning math and other learning apps.

Kahoot’s Values:

Kahoot is an authenticated platform with having the values as playful, curiosity and inclusive. For learning it is important to play with a beginning level therefore Kahoot emphasizes on playing and increase learning level between learners, teachers and students. They make learning experiences and practices more engaging with fun and entertainment. Kahoot added the value of Curiosity as it is a part of human nature to face different challenges in real life and in gaming practices as well. They are inclusive with elaborating the feature for never giving up learning experiences with playing with Kahoot challenges. They are passionate with fun in learning as a vibrant, diverse and hardworking team.


In which country, Kahoot is getting more fame and popularity?

Kahoot is getting fame and popularity among various countries worldwide and currently over half number of students and teachers of US are playing and participating with Kahoot.

When Kahoot opened properly to the people to participate and play?

Kahoot was presented in March 2013 at SXSW EDU and in September it was opened to the public in the same year.

When Kahoot was founded?

Kahoot was founded in 2012 by a joint project with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and the members were involving Morten Versvik, Johan Brand, and Jamie Brooker as team.


Kahoot is a worldwide game based learning stage where understudies or players make, offer and play the game in practically no time. Three parts of making, playing and sharing are associated with playing this learning-based game in minutes. This game can be played in working spots, workplaces, study halls or at home also. Making Kahoots is a diversion for players that make the inquiries in text structure or orchestrate the inquiries according to their decision as like including outlines, recordings or pictures for making the gaming experience seriously captivating.