How to Create Kahoot? Complete Guide for Teacher/Students

How to Create Kahoot? Complete Guide for Teacher/Students

Gear up for a digital learning style with Kahoot for review sessions and make your learning effective, interactive, and enjoyable. No matter the circumstances, this site offers games for fun learning with a bundle of security and caters to the interest of every user. None of the rival platforms can match the effectiveness of Kahoot in the classroom.

Your study session with Kahoot quiz generators is a unique blend of versatility, simplicity, innovation, and countless testimonials. It is web-based learning to make gamified quizzes in each subject. This site offers a variety of multiple-choice quizzes with pictures, videos, and audio. You can play mobile-friendly quizzes with friends and family.

Kahoot! is the ultimate choice for you to craft surveys, discussions, and quizzes with a basic understanding of unique teaching goals. It enables us to learn through play as it is compatible, shareable, and user-friendly. This site has achieved a high potential of success in attaining educational needs.

The Learning Revolution: Unveil the Mystery of Kahoot!

Kahoot is a game-based learning software that originated in Norway. Kahoot! is popularly used as a tool for learning. It uses games as a mode of testing and education. In this way, it makes learning fun and relatable to kids. The quizzes will surely capture student’s interest. You can also use Kahoot Codes for playing. But Kahoot is not free.

Craft a Captivating Game Show: Design Kahoot Quiz

Kahoot is a gamified way of practicing just about any skill with students. It’s fast-paced, super engaging, and will leave kids begging to practice their skills again. The Kahoot quiz format encourages students to answer carefully to climb the leaderboard and beat their friends.

Unlock the Power of Fun! Why Create Kahoot-Style Quizzes?

Kahoot is a type of interactive quiz that fosters smooth education and increased engagement. It is a type of interactive content that can very well act as a lead generation machine for business. When interactive quizzes are used in classroom steups, users put an end to the unidirectional flow of knowledge from teachers to students.

The interaction becomes two-way. To top it all, lessons become more valuable and fulfilling because students do more than just jotting down notes. Naturally, it improves learning and information retention. Creating a Kahoot quiz may be good for schools, other educational institutions, and marketers.

Powerful Learning with Kahoot! Discover the Benefits

Kahoot quizzes offer several benefits for both educators and learners by delivering popular game-based learning.

  1. Engagement: Kahoot quizzes are designed to be interactive and game-like, making learning more engaging and enjoyable. The competitive and fun nature of the quizzes motivates students to participate actively in the learning process.
  2. Active Learning: Kahoot! promotes active learning by requiring participants to answer questions quickly. This encourages students to think of their feet, recall information, and apply their knowledge in real time.
  3. Immediate Feedback: Participants receive instant feedback on their answers, allowing them to understand their strengths and areas for improvement.
  4. Competition and Gamification: The element of competition and gamification makes the learning experience more exciting. Students often find the competitive aspect motivating, and it can enhance their retention of information.

Community Building: Through Kahoot! quizzes, educators can build a sense of community in the classroom. The shared experiment of participating in quizzes can contribute to a positive and collaborative learning environment.

Beyond Multiple Choice: Craft the Perfect Question

The kind of questions users ask and the options users give should get players thinking. So, make sure the player asks a combination of easy, difficult, and trick questions. Easier questions will keep them going, trick questions will keep them on their toes and difficult questions will make them think.

Users can add the following question types in addition to multiple-choice quizzes:

  1. True or false: Let students decide if a statement is true or false.
  2. Type answer: Ask students to type a short correct answer.
  3. Puzzle: Deepen learning by asking to place answers in the correct order.
  4. Poll: Collect student opinion.
  5. Slide: Give more context to a topic.
  6. Word cloud: Collect short free-form responses.

Open-ended: Ask students to type a long answer-great way to collect in-depth feedback.

Let’s Quizzing! Create, Engage , Educate, and Interactive Kahoot

Creating the first learning game within Kahoot! is tons of fun, and, with this step-by-step guide, it will only take users a few minutes. Jump in!

  1. Go to the Kahoot website and create an account. They don’t email or spam users.
  2. Go to and sign in.
  3. On the main page, click the question mark to create a quiz.
  4. Give the quiz a name.
  5. Type in a question. Users can put in pictures, graphs, diagrams, etc. The creator can take a screenshot of the question and ” dump” them into the quiz. It’s so much faster than typing out the questions. Notice that when you drop the screenshot into the quiz, only half appears.
  6. If users scroll down a little, they can see the palace to type answers. Type them in. Notice that when users type, they have the option to use some symbols. For the correct answer click the “ Incorrect” button to change it to ” Correct.“Click ” Add Question” to continue adding questions.
  7. When users are finished adding questions, click ” Save and Continue”.
  8. Fill in the information. Select ” School”  as the Primary Audience and tag a few words. Then click “ Save and Continue “ again.
  9. Users can add a cover image here if they like. Then, click ” Done”.

Now, Quiz is saved. It is available to play immediately.

Challenge Accepted! Time to Test : Let’s Play Kahoot

There is an easy and simple way to play Kahoot.

  1. Go to create Kahoot. Click ” My Kahoots” at the top of the page.
  2. Find the quiz that users made and click ” Play”. Once the quiz loads, click ” Launch”. The project will be displayed on the screen of the class.
  3. All of the students should go to Kahoot. Type in the game pin that is displayed on their computer. Players will be prompted to choose a nickname. As log in to the quiz, their nicknames will be displayed on the computer. When players are ready, click “Start now”.
  4. While the computer displays the question, the students only see the color of the answer options. This is the key part that keeps them engaged!

Stats are shown as the quiz progresses. Also, if users play with what the teacher says a little bit, there are all kinds of data users can download.


Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that can be used for educational, professional, or casual purposes. Users can create a Kahoot account for free, granting access to several basic features. Educators may be interested in purchasing. Kahoot games are fun for everyone, no matter the circumstances. Students like using their own devices and like to play games that keep them engaged. There are gamified quizzes that test in a variety of subjects. It is widely used in schools and other educational institutions.


Is Kahoot free?

It may be free, but only for certain groups: teachers and students. For other types of use, those wishing to use it will have to get a subscription plan. Currently, there are 4 plan categories available, with even plans with them. Anyone looking to use Kahoot can find something for themselves.

How do I create a Kahoot account?

Signing up for it is a relatively simple process. All users have to do is go to their website and go through all the steps of registration. Users will be asked for information like desired account type, date of birth, username, email address, and password.

What age group is it suitable for?

According to some sources and reviews, the Kahoot platform is too difficult for children under 6. What’s more, parental guidance is recommended up to the age of 15 years old. This is because of the online connectivity and interaction with other online players.

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