Kahoot! Join Codes | How to Join Kahoot Game with Pin? 2024

Kahoot! Join Codes | How to Join Kahoot Game with Pin? 2024

You are eager to test your knowledge with learning and fun with Kahoot extraordinary games with friendly competitions. This digital classroom is an expert to address the global learners to log in to their smart devices and spice up their learning sessions. The thrill of interactive challenges and engaging quizzes is simply a chance to learn different things.

Fear not each step is simple to join Kahoot and explore endless fun with excitement and knowledge with vibrant devices. Complete the guidelines to create your account and the steps to play and host the game with a simple and easy procedure. In this digital gaming app, there is something for everyone to learn and grab friendly competition.

New users can follow these easy and clean steps to the Kahoot Join a game by creating nicknames and personalized avatars. The host provides PIN, QR code, and links for competitive learning. It is a captivating online game for the players and the host with dynamic information.

Kahoot! Challenge: Join the Fun- How to Jump into the Game

Kahoot! participation is not merely a term; it serves as an introduction to a realm of interactive learning where learners engage actively in quizzes, discussions, and games. Let’s explore how this aspect cultivates a culture of shared knowledge and enhances engagement. Starting Kahoot adventures involves a straightforward process. 

This section offers a beginner-friendly guide, ensuring smooth navigation for joining a Kahoot session. Discover how to participate in a Kahoot! game across various learning environments, from traditional classrooms to corporate training sessions, and adapt the experience to suit specific learning contexts.

Discover strategies for maximizing the enjoyment and educational value of Kahoot Join Code sessions by enhancing the joining experience. These techniques elevate participation and engagement, making joining Kahoot games a highly anticipated event for students.

Turn Teaching & Leaning into a Kahoot Join Code!

Visit the Kahoot! web app at create.kahoot.it. Once signed in, the player can use the web app to:

  • View a dashboard with a quick listing of Kahoots, latest reports, news, top picks from the Kahoot community, and more.
  • Discover Kahoot from other creators across the globe on a wide variety of topics and intended audiences. Many are available for free, while others require a purchase outside the scope of UTK’s subscription.
  • Visit the library of Kahoots and courses ( which, in this context, are collections of Kahoots), including recent Kahoots, drafts, favorites, and shared Kahoots. Here users can create a new Kahoot, assign an asynchronous Kahoot for students to play on their own, or start a real-time Kahoot for students to play in a face-to-face or live virtual class.

View reports detailing activity for Kahoots.

How to Join a Kahoot Gameplay: A Quick Guide to Jump with Code

Kahoot! Join code: how to join a Kahoot! game with a simple step-by-step guide. Explore different ways to join in on the fun learning.

To join a Kahoot! game, users can:

  • Enter the game PIN.
  • Use the provided link.
  • Scan the QR code.

Players don’t need an account to participate, but if they leave the game and rejoin, they will need to choose a new nickname and start accumulating points from scratch.

1: Joining the Kahoot! Game: PIN Power

To participate in Kahoot! game, use the game PIN. visit the Kahoot website or launch the mobile app and select join.

  • Input the game PIN. ( Known as the Kahoot code)
  • If the host has enabled player identification, provide the required identifier.
  • If the host has enabled the friendly nickname generator, click or tap the ” Spin” button to select a random nickname. If disabled, input a nickname of choice.

2: Joining the Kahoot! Game: Links Power

Users do not require the Kahoot! PIN when using links.

For live games.

  1. The host can select the PIN in the games lobby. This action will automatically copy a direct link to the game to their clipboard.
  2. To participate in a Kahoot! game, the host can share a link with players, allowing them to join the game by simply clicking on it. If the player has the Kahoot! mobile app installed, the game will open within the app; otherwise, it will open in the device’s web browser.
  3. To participate in a Kahoot! game, the host can share the link with players.
  4. Players simply click on the link, which opens the Kahoot!
  5. The game is either in the mobile app or in the device’s web browser.


  1. The host can copy the link from the active assignment’s report page and share it with players.
  2. Players just need to click on the link.
  3. If the mobile app is installed on the player’s device, Kahoot will open in the mobile app. If not, it will open in the device’s web browser.

3:Joining the Kahoot! Game: QR Code Power

To participate in a Kahoot! game using a QR code:

  1. Launch the Kahoot! mobile app.
  2. Alternatively, scan the QR code using the device’s camera app to be directed to the Kahoot! app or website.
  3. Tap on ” Join” located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the ” Scan QR code” option.
  5. Scan the QR code displayed on the host’s screen or sent by the host using our integrated QR code reader.
  6. If the code is too small to scan during a live game, request the host to enlarge it, and it will open directly in Kahoot! app.
  7. If players don’t have the Kahoot app installed and use a camera app, the game will open in the user’s device’s browser.
  8. Depending on the player’s device, users may need to grant permission to open the app or browser.

Join the Kahoot! Mobile ( Android & iOS )Fun: To Play Game

  • Download the Kahoot app from the Play Store or Apple Store- It’s free to play.
  • Tap join and then enter the PIN given to the user by the host player.
  • Type in username for the session then tap on OK, go!

Join the Kahoot.it ( Android & iOS )Fun: To Host Game

  • From the Kahoot home menu, tap on Discover.
  • Select a featured topic or search for a specific subject.
  • Tap on start and the live game to start hosting.
  • Choose a set of questions and then select which game mode is most appropriate.
  • Share the onscreen PIN with players users want to join. When ready, tap start.

Join the Kahoot! PC Fun: To Play Game

  • Go to Kahoot.com to start joining another player’s game.
  • Select the play button in the top right corner. Users do not even need to make an account to join a game.
  • Enter the PIN from the host player and choose a username.

Join the Kahoot! PC Fun: To Host Game

  • Go to Kahoot.com to start hosting a game for others to join.
  • Select Explore content to choose the subject of the game.
  • Search for the subject users want to play, and then select Start.
  • Select live to host a game in the room from a PC screen.
  • Choose a topic within a chosen subject.

Share the PIN on the screen with players who want to join, then start the game.

Explore Additional Guide: Unlock Kahoot! Skills

In case users are interested in tricks, hacks, or understanding the steps to create their own game or quiz, there is a guide of interest.

  • Kahoot Pin Codes
  • How to create games & quiz in Kahoot
  • How to join a game in Kahoot
  • Kahoot winner bot
  • How to play Kahoot
  • Best Kahoot Names

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform, used as educational technology in schools and other educational institutions. Its learning games, ” Kahoot”, are user-generated multiple-choice quizzes that can be accessed via a web browser or the Kahoot app.

Essential Tech Requirements: Fuel Up Kahoot & Device

  1. To participate in a Kahoot! game users do not require an account. Simply provide or randomly select a nickname to join, unless the host has enabled player identification.
  2. A desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device with a supported web browser or Kahoot! mobile app installed.
  3. A reliable internet connection. For live games, a stable connection is crucial. If players encounter frequent disconnections, try troubleshooting internet stability by testing different connection methods ( such as ethernet, WiFi, or cellular ). Kahoot! services consume minimal data; users can answer numerous questions without consuming much data, typically well under 1GB for 1,000 questions.


There are a couple of ways to join in on the fun of awesome learning. To join Kahoot! game session there is a step-by-step guideline for the players. Users can join Kahoot through a game PIN, link, or QR code. Users don’t need an account to join Kahoot! game. It’s not possible to rejoin with the same nickname and accumulated points after leaving the game (e.g. closing the app or the tab; losing connectivity). Players who rejoin the game, need to provide a new nickname and collect points from the beginning.


How do I Join Kahoot for Free?

For your information, Kahoot is a free-to-download app from the Google Play Store. However, students and teachers can upgrade their Free Plans to Premium Ones to access enhanced features.

What is the Kahoot PIN code?

Kahoot! game PIN: game pins are temporary codes that identify Kahoot! game sessions. A game PIN is one of the ways to join a Kahoot! the game started with another Kahoot!’ er.
Receive the PIN from the host
Simultaneous live game
Play by yourself in solo modes.

How to Join Kahoot Group?

As said earlier, the only way to join Kahoot Groups is through Invitation Emails from Team Owners or Group Admins. After receiving an email, you must join the group within seven days.

How to play Kahoot!

Kahoot users can choose to either host their own game or join another game and both are easy to do. Users can even create their own questions! All users need to do is make a free account.

How to select the correct answer?

The faster the user answers, the more points users will get if players are correct! Make sure to read the questions and answers fully, or users may select the wrong one and end up with no points.

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