Kahoot vs Blooket | Which is the Best for Learning? Comparison Guide 2024

Kahoot vs Blooket | Which is the Best for Learning? Comparison Guide 2024

The dynamic rivalry between Kahoot and Blooket is not a novel concept, yet choosing the best among them is a formidable challenge since both apps are interactive and engaging. Hence, this thoughtful comparison will endure your quest for picking the one between Kahoot vs. Blooket. 

On performing grounds, the Kahoot app outshines Blooket by miles because it has extensive functionalities and integrates highly advanced mechanics to deliver. In the meantime, Blooket offers similar attributes but within a limited range. 

Beyond learning capabilities, usage mechanics, compatibility options, and interface designs are other considerable points in this comparison. Of course, we’ll thoroughly explore each aspect of both apps in the following section, so stay with us.

A Head-to-Head Comparison of Ultimate Quiz: Kahoot & Blooket

Kahoot and Blooket both platforms are two powerful digital tools that suit interactive game-mode learning. You will explore which gamified software is the most popular for the supreme educational method. Kahoot gained widespread recognition for its unique quizzes, surveys, and discussion format.

Both apps are connected to the educational field. It means that people from the education department can get connected with these for their particular tasks. Here is a short overview of these platforms for a better understanding of them.

Kahoot is the top hit for students for its fun features and better characters for more entertainment. Kahoot is an ideal platform from a different perspective in comparison to Blooket. Switch to Kahoot for an extensive library, intuitive interface, enriching lessons, and interactive learning experience. 

In contrast, Blooket falls behind for less dynamic features and competitive spirit. However, the strategies of this enthusiastic platform excite you and encourage you to think critically for live discussion.  

Dive into Kahoot: Unlock the Powerful Tool

Kahoot is an educational platform that enables teachers to create quizzes, enhancing students’ engagement during the learning process. In addition to games and quizzes, Kahoot allows teachers to present slides, supporting a diverse range of educational content on various devices and in multiple languages.

Kahoot distinguishes itself by offering a library with numerous pre-existing games, reducing the need for educators to create content entirely from scratch. However, it still provides the option for customization.

The best thing about this platform is slide representation and subject variation. It means that users can present their pre-designed slides of a lecture to the students instead of writing them simultaneously. Along with this, it enables teachers of all subjects to use this platform and use the necessary options.

Dive into Blooket: Unlock the Powerful Tool

Blooket is an educational platform designed to support virtual learning environments, enabling educators to host trivia and quizzes. It empowers students to engage in the games created by their teachers and earn tokens as a reward for their performance.

Through friendly competition, Blooket aims to inspire students and facilitate their academic growth. The platform also offers a time-saving advantage for educators, providing pre-built games and quizzes while allowing teachers to customize their own.

One of Blooket’s conveniences is that teachers need not start from scratch when creating a game or quiz. Instead, they can select question sets from a library, incorporate them into game modes, and commence the activity.

Kahoot vs Blooket: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Features

For now let’s look at what makes these two great, and what might not be so useful in the classroom.

Questions and Answers style Quiz games

Kahoot! is more about each quiz, with more than 40,000 from which to pick. This means teachers can likely find a quiz that’s already made that will do the job of educating or setting students up on a subject. As such, this is ideal for use in the room.

Blooket differs in that it is more about a longer journey. Students play as a character and correctly answering questions awards users points and coins, as do game wins. These can then be used to modify and personalize the characters as they progress through the game. So this feels more like a system suited to use inside and outside of the classroom.

Data Report of game

Kahoot! provides game report data for teachers to use to assess students and classes as they progress. It offers greater integration of media such as images and videos, allowing it to be used as a teaching tool for slides to be used in class.

Blooket uses what it calls teaching sets, which allow educators to set a subject area to a certain group and have it lined up with work automatically, so students can continue on their own devices outside of class.

Customers service in-game

Kahoot! offers some stand-out features such as Ghost, which allows students to play against a previous high score, helping them to gain mastery by going over a subject to better their last effort. The classic timer-based multiple choice quiz mode is also available, except that the timer can be turned off, making for a good option to work through as a group in class- or perhaps as a project that requires research throughout.

Blooket offers a cafe mode, in which students answer questions to service in-game customers. Or there’s Tower of Doom, a game that involves battling characters by answering questions that help them win.

Pressure of timers

Kahoot! does make it easy to create bespoke quizzes for teachers by copying those of others and editing and adding their material, players can even combine quiz picks to make the ultimate section of questions.

Blooket also offers fun randomizing features that allow users to assign points at random rather than based on who answers first-leveling the playing field for anyone who might struggle with the pressure of timers.

Independently Assess

The use of media with Kahoot! is a big appeal as it can mean integrating YouTube videos that are then asked about, allowing students to learn and be assessed independently.

Blooket offers a lot of pre-built quiz options, the ability to edit these makes for a bespoke quiz that fits into this points-based gaming world, something that can be additive for students to help them come back and master subjects.

Integrate Compatibility

Kahoot! is highly compatible as it works online, so any web browser can get access via laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. App versions are also available for iOS and Android to give the best possible smartphone experience.  It integrates well with Microsoft Teams, making for easy sharing with students as well as the ability to co-create Kahoot! quizzes with other teachers.

Blooket is online-based, making it accessible via web browsers, plus the games don’t require a lot of processing power to run. These can also be shared easily since they have a code that teachers can send to students in any way they find simplest.

Specific Price Plan Options

Kahoot offers school-specific pricing plan options and also has a free version of the app. It has a free basic plan to get multiple-choice questions and up to 40 players per game with plenty of functionality for basic quiz use. It starts at $6.22 (£4.99), Premium at $12.45(£9.99), and Max at $19.93( £ 15.99). It’s also worth noting there are some great Black Friday deals each year.

Blooket offers a free version with some other features available in the paid version. Its free option is the main system, meaning users get most included. It offers a Plus version at $4.99 per month ( paid annually), and a Plus Flex model at $9.99 per month.

Significant Popularity

Kahoot has a significant head start. Its pioneering status, ease of use, and extensive library of content have made it a household name in the education sector. Millions of educators and students around the world have used Kahoot, and it has established a strong brand presence.

Blooket, while growing rapidly, is still playing catch-up in terms of popularity. Its unique features and customizability have garnered a dedicated user base, particularly among those looking for a more immersive gamified learning experience. However, it has yet to reach the same level of widespread recognition as Kahoot.

Foster Excitement and Engagement

Kahoot’s simplicity and accessibility make it an excellent choice for quick, engaging quizzes and reviews. It’s particularly effective for educators who want to assess students’ understanding in real time and reinforce key concepts. Its competitive nature fosters excitement in the classroom, making it an invaluable tool for energizing the learning process.

Blooket, on the other hand, shines when educators seek a more immersive and customizable gamified experience. Its virtual economy, customizable game modes, and the ability to create unique learning scenarios offer a broader range of possibilities for educators. It can be particularly useful for project-based learning or courses that require ongoing engagement.

Gamified learning Platform

Kahoot, with its user-friendly interface and competitive gameplay, is an excellent choice for quick assessments, reviews, and energizing classroom activities. It’s a reliable tool for educators who want to inject fun into their lessons without investing significant time in setup.

Blooket is the go-to platform for educators seeking a deeper, more immersive gamified learning experience. Its virtual economy and customizable game modes open up a world of possibilities for creative educators who want to tailor the learning experience of their curriculum.

Signing Up

Signing up for Kahoot! is also relatively straightforward. After clicking the sign-up button at the top-right of the home page, the system will prompt players to choose an account type

The options are:

  • Teacher
  • Students
  • Personal
  • Professional

From here, players will have several options to create an account.

These options are:

  • Sign up with Google
  • Sign up with Microsoft
  • Sign up with Apple
  • Sign up with Clever

Signing up on Blooket could not be easier. Players have the option to sign up with a Google account or email address. Create a username and then supply the desired credentials. Don’t forget to check the box at the bottom and ensure that users are at least 13 years old. After Blooket Login, a window pops up where users have to select whether he is a teacher or a student.

A Balanced Approach: Advantages and Disadvantages of Kahoot and Blooket

There are some positive sides and a few negative ways of these tools in class, here are detailed pros and cons:

The Advantages of Kahoot

Kahoot has its strength as a learning platform. These are:

  1. Efficient for lesson preparation and recap: There are numerous premade Kahoot available, saving time in lesson planning and review.
  2. Well-established and reliable: It’s been in use for some time, and students are accustomed to it.
  3. Swift to set up events: Once familiar with its navigation, creating events can be a speedy process.
  4. Shared experience: Everyone responds at the same time. That also means users can provide feedback to everyone at the same time.
  5. Publicly created Kahoot: There are millions of publicly created Kahoot! games users can use ( or duplicate for themselves and change).
  6. Students are familiar: Students are likely very familiar with it, meaning it can be plugged into a lesson with little time to learn a new app.

The Disadvantages of Kahoot

Kahoot has its weaknesses in the learning platform. These are:

  1. High-cost subscription options: Some users find Kahoot’s pricing steep, particularly for smaller businesses or one-off events.
  2. Requirement for app download: Participants must download an app to participate, an outdated requirement that takes away from lesson time.
  3. Highly restricted free version: The free account only allows for 3 participants per event and many features are reserved for the paid version, severely limiting the free version’s usefulness.

The Advantages of Blooket

Blooket has its strength in the learning platform. These are:

  1. Free tier: The free tier lets users do a lot, including hosting up to 60 students. users can get post-event results in the free tier, however.
  2. Self-paced: Many games allow students to progress at their speed.
  3. Competitive: Games foster healthy competition, enhancing engagement.
  4. Reusable questions: A single question set can be used across multiple games.
  5. Highly engaging: Students find the game options highly appealing.

The Disadvantages of Blooket

Kahoot has its weaknesses in the learning platform. These are:

  1. No group-oriented: If users want their students to come together to find connections, or to learn as a group with users, this is not possible.
  2. Read requirement: As a teacher cannot read out each question and no immersive reader is available, it’s better suited for older students.
  3. Requires numerous questions: To prevent question repetition, a large set of questions is needed.
  4. Game complexity: Some games, like Cafe and Factory, require more skill and strategy which would be ok except clear instructions are not readily available.

Who Wins the Ultimate Quiz Platform: Kahoot or Blooket?

Both platforms have been discussed in detail till now. It is time to learn a few differences that make one better than the other platform.

First of all, Kahoot is better when it comes to considering additional features like slide-making and display. Users can easily import their slides or create new ones on this platform to display to their students.

On the other hand, Blooket is better because of its simple interface and extensive game library. It does not mean that students can access a gaming category. But it means that users will have multiple choices to choose from the gaming library to set quizzes with an engaging background and gameplay.

With these features, users can only organize tests or quizzes but they can also teach students using their material. So, it is right to say that both platforms are better in particular aspects.


The choice of the ” better” platform ultimately hinges on individual preferences, teaching approaches, and educational objectives. Kahoot emerges as the preferable option. It offers a broader spectrum of learning possibilities compared to Blooket, making it more likely to cater to specific needs. While there are numerous distinctions and commonalities between Kahoot and Blooket, both platforms deliver unique capabilities and engaging experiences for educators and students alike. Both Kahoot and Blooket boast a plethora of innovative features designed to enhance the classroom experience.


What is the difference between the dashboard in Kahoot and Blooket?

The dashboard of Kahoot is a little intimidating. There are so many things in there that one cannot help but be overwhelmed. Blooket’s dashboard is minimalistic, making it easy to navigate.

What is device accessibility for both learning platforms?

Kahoot has a mobile app for Android but not iOS, and there is only one app for both students and teachers. Blooket does not have an app for Android or iOS, which means it is only accessible on desktops. Despite that, it is still accessible via mobile browsers.

For whom these platforms are beneficial?

Both platforms are suitable for teachers and learners. It is right to say that one can use it according to their requirements and accomplish their tasks. However, teachers can have more benefits from these platforms as compared to students.

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