Kahoot is committed with providing complete safety and security to the users or players and process the information of the users in a secure manner. It protects the all personal or professional information provided by the users by complete privacy rights. There is Annex A “Definitions” for capitalized terms and for their explanations. Players can easily create, play and host games in a safe and secure environment and also can upload gaming content. Kahoot performs as a data processor for the information provided by the users.

Personal information provided by the users is kept for collecting important data for gaming platforms and sharing. Users must have to read the guidelines about privacy policies and restrictions that are provided by Kahoot.

Understanding Kahoot:

Kahoot is a learning platform in the global market for enhancing learning capabilities among students and teachers by playing, creating, and sharing Kahoot challenges. They focus on learning as global educational technology and promote comprehensive offerings and engage with different learning challenges. Students and teachers unlock their learning potential via Kahoot challenges. To get and understand more about Kahoot, users must have to read and follow the guidelines and restrictions of Kahoot and its privacy interactions.

Processed information by Kahoot:

All personal information provided by the users is processed by Kahoot that is entered while singing up. For assistance and queries for any kind of methods and issues can be solved by contacting the customer service team easily. Users can send email along with their matters and integrate the solution by the customer service teams. The information while signing up with Google account, the following information is provided to Kahoot as like;

  • Contact details consisting email account, username, mailing address, phone number and educational or job level such as company or workplace information and if student then institute or university information have to be entered.
  • Log in credentials as like email account and password that will help in logging in to Kahoot for creating, playing or sharing any gaming practice.
  • Account holder’s location, job title, college or university details, interests, profile image, city along with country and working positions.
  • Kahoot will process all provided data provided by the users as troubleshooting and supporting. It process the data for checking authentication of provided data and all chats history that is used for solving the matters and queries from the customer support service teams.
  • Financial or payment method information that Kahoot needs to process the financial services to the users.

Automatically Processed information by Kahoot:

Some information is processed by Kahoot in an automatic way that can be helpful in solving any suspicious activity by the users or players. This information can include as the following aspects;

  • Device or browser information that is used by the users, it includes the system or device details as version, operating system name, screen resolution, computer type or brand, windows version, models and languages. This information is automatically processed in order to support the features of Kahoot in a smooth manner.
  • Log in time and log out time and date including connection type and speed with IP addresses, here is all the information is processed that is used for browsing gaming level, sections, clicks, results and pages.
  • Cookies involved in allowing in the devices and all allowed anonymous traffic data. To accept these cookies you must read the Kahoot’s Cookie notice for more information as well.

Reasons to using Personal Information:

Kahoot process and use personal information provided by the users for the following reasons such as;

  • Kahoot use the personal information of the users for providing their services in a smooth manner.
  • Users will able to use all features and functionalities of Kahoot platform.
  • Enable to communicate with users for latest trends and updates regarding Kahoot features.
  • Personal information also used to getting support and services regarding Kahoot.
  • For the sake of payment methods, paying and purchasing the plans and services.
  • It helps in preventing users and other users from misusing the services and preventing any abusive activities.
  • Data is analyzed for other product recommendations and marketing purposes as well.
  • Following the legal obligations and privacy securities of the users and developers.
  • Personal data is used for the third party applications and websites such as LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or twitter. However, personal information remains safe and secure and not shared to any platform.
  • There is a setting as “Do Not Track” that is applied for not monitoring the privacy policy from the browsers.
  • Kahoot can change the privacy policy and guidelines anytime whenever they want to change or modify.

Personal Information of Children:

Kahoot does not have or collect the information of the children and for the players who play or join Kahoot merely. Child creates the account with singing up and providing necessary information that remain safe and secure by Kahoot and they do not collect their information for any use in the services and policies.

Questions and Queries contacts:

If users or players have any matters or issues regarding Kahoot’s services then they can contact to [email protected] by sending email along with the issues and questions. The customer services teams solve the matters as soon as possible.

Retaining Personal Information:

Kahoot retain personal information of the users for ongoing legitimate business and for legal obligatory purposes. They have legal authorities and obligations to retaining personal data of the users without any boundaries. Retention of data related to personal information is necessary for providing services to the users in a smooth manner. Kahoot has also authority to deleting and removing the provided information and any data of the users.

Processing data for international transfers:

Kahoot use the personal or financial data for transferring, processing and sharing the data at global level. Third party applications also use for operating and transferring data internationally for providing services and features. The shared data involved with the countries which are able to keeping the data and information in a safe and secure manner. Kahoot’s group and sub-processors offer an adequate level for protecting the personal information or data for transferring internationally.


Kahoot is committed with giving total wellbeing and security to the clients or players and cycle the data of the clients in a solid way. It safeguards the all private or expert data given by the clients by complete security privileges. Players can without much of a stretch make, play and host games in a completely safe climate and furthermore can transfer gaming content. Kahoot proceed as an information processor for the data given by the clients.


What is security program provided by Kahoot for users?

Kahoot maintains a comprehensive security program to the users by protecting the privacy, security and integrity of personal information provided by the users.

What are strategies that offer by Kahoot for securing the data or personal information of the users?

Kahoot maintain organizational and technical measures with designing and introducing the data protection strategies for data and personal information by the users.

Why Kahoot keep the personal information or data of the users?

Individual data gave by the clients kept to gathering the significant information for gaming stages and sharing. Clients should need to peruse the rules about security strategies and limitations that are given by Kahoot.