Quizizz Join & Play Online Quizzes, Lessons, Activities, Game Modes and More

Quizizz Join & Play Online Quizzes, Lessons, Activities, Game Modes and More

Spice up your online quiz sessions with Quizizz Join without the registration process. Your Quizizz class welcomes you to the world of knowledge and a seamless platform. Rival Kahoot! The platform may have its captivating class but Quizizz has different question types, cutting-edge features, customizable avatars, and real-time feedback.

Of course, Signing Up for the Quizizz Competitive Interface is super easy since the entire procedure is automated. Further, this activity carries several add-ons for participants, such as enhanced protection, monitoring progress, and community development. 

So, what’re you waiting for? Join your virtual Quizizz classroom for activities that elevate your team’s learning experience. This platform offers a variety of competitions that are self-paced with extra time and aligns your content with the curriculum.

Play, Learn & Test Knowledge: Join Quizizz

Quizizz is a mobile app that allows users to learn from anywhere. Users can learn on their own, or join with others to complete assignments, quizzes, and presentations. Quizizz is used daily by over 20 million people in schools, homes, offices, and other places around the globe.

Participants can also join games on any device, even if they don’t have the app at joinquiz.com. Users can join or play a game both at home and in the classroom. This platform is the right example to learn with millions upon millions of quizzes that cover every topic. 

There are free quizzes available on English, mathematics, history, geography, languages, and other general knowledge topics. Users can take part in training sessions and compete against their peers. Participants can access the data to find out what they have now and what they should review.

In the meantime, joining or creating a new Quizizz is like a piece of cake, thanks to the app’s value-added yet user-friendly interface. Download Quizizz from the Google Play Store, add credentials, and start playing competitive games.

Core Benefits of Quizizz Sign-ups

Signing Up for the Quizizz App is mandatory, but it carries several additional benefits for newcomers. The following list of advantages is only accessible to users who join the Quizizz Direct Login platform by adopting official working mediums.

Personalized Security: The core purpose of Quizizz Sign Up is to ensure users’ safety since a strong password is mandatory to summarize this process.

Progress Tracking: For your information, Progress Tracking on the Quizizz App is only accessible for registered students, and that’s only possible after Joining or Signing Up for the app.

Save and Share Quizzes: While joining the Quizizz from the proper medium, students can access the feature of Saving or Sharing Quizzes; otherwise, this premium trait is impossible to claim.

Join Classes: Lastly, Sign Ups is the only verified way to join or participate in the ongoing competitive sessions by hosts.

Join the Quizizz: Easy Steps to Kick Off in Minutes

Quizizz permits digital educators to get engaged in both instructor-paced and student-paced quizzes. This is a great way for students to get engaged in the classroom. Participants can join Quizizz on any device that has a browser. There is also an iOS and Android application. Users will need a computer to complete the steps above for creating an account and creating a quiz.

  • To start, visit Quizizz, if users already have an account, they will be asked to log in. Click “Sign up” in the upper-right corner of the screen if participants do not have an account.
  • Users will be taken to this screen if consumers create an account for the first time. To create an account, fill in an email address or continue with Google Account. After users have selected Quizizz’s plan, complete all information and click “Continue”.
  • After creating an account, users will be taken to the teacher dashboard.

Easy Access to Quizizz Join by Gmail with One Click

As stated above, users can create a Quizizz account using Google Mail. To join Quizizz using your Gmail address, please follow the steps below. However, a stable internet is mandatory to ensure seamless completion of this process.

  • Go to the homepage.
  • Choose the Signup button on the screen on the top right corner.
  • Participants will have to register first and then they will be needed to enter their login details.
  • To sign up with a Google Mail address, users need to choose the Gmail tab.
  • It means users need to select Continue with Google to create their free account.
  • After that, another page will open for users to Choose an account to continue to Quizizz.
  • Click on the email address users will want to create their account with.
  • That is the Sign-in with Google option.
  • After the confirmation, users will be taken to their next, they must select where they are using Quizizz.
  • The options available are School, Work, and Personal use.

Dive into Quizizz Discovery: Sign Up as a Student

Here is an overview of how students can join Quizizz interactive setups on this app. If you’re creating a Quizizz Student Account, you will be granted access to limited features compared to the option for people joining via a Teachers’ Account.

  • To sign up as a student on Quizizz
  • Click “Sign Up” on the Quizizz join page and enter your email.
  • Choose ” at a school” as the designation.
  • Select ‘ a student’ in the subsequent window.
  • Confirm date of birth. If users are under 13, enter a parent or guardian’s email, username, and password; if over 13, enter first and last name and a password.
  • Click ” Continue” to complete the registration.

Guide to Crack the Code: Join the Fun of Quizizz

Students can join Quizizz through the right medium ‘Join Code” Here are the complete steps to join:

  • Go to Quizizz.com, and click “Get started”.
  • Users can search for existing quizzes by using the “ Search for Quizzes” box. Step 8 can be skipped once users have selected a quiz. To create a quiz, click on the “Create” tab, then “Sign up” panel. Fill in the form.
  • Users can enter a name and an image for the quiz. They can choose the language they want and make it public or private.
  • To change the answer to “correct”, fill in the question and answers. If users wish, they can add an image to the question.
  • Continue this process until users have answered all their questions.
  • Click “Finish” at the top right.
  • Choose the appropriate grade range, topic, and subject. To make it easier to find, users can add tags.
  • Participants have two options: “Play Live!” and “Homework”. Then users can choose the attributes that interest them.
  • To take part in the live quiz, or to complete homework, students can visit Quiziz.com/join. Students need to provide a name for identification.
  • After the students have finished, refresh the page to see the quiz results.

Quizizz for Teachers: Powerful Ways for Active Learning

Quizizz can only be used for single-select and multi select multiple-choice quizzes. This makes it ideal for students who need to recall facts or prepare for tests. Quiz games can be used in the Quizizz platform so that students can complete their homework on their own.

Educators can make new and latest quizzes, but there is also a database that consists of tons of questions, games, and quizzes. These can be accessed and edited as necessary. It’s easy to use the quiz results as a guideline through the after-quiz reports.

Teachers can view how students did on each question, and then use that information to determine what needs to be retaught/readdressed, and which students may need individual or small-group reinforcement.


Quizizz allows teachers to create and conduct student-paced formative assessments. It is free for all ages. Users can choose from millions of pre-made quizzes on every topic or make their own. Students can engage in class with their peers or at home according to their schedules by playing different game modes. Teachers get instant feedback from students while they play-there is no need to grade. Quizizz can be used on any device that has a browser. The Quizizz apps can be downloaded for Android, iOS, and Chromebooks.


How do I create a Quizizz Account?

As said earlier, Quizizz offers a straightforward account creation option. Navigate to Quizizz through the Web interface, click the sign-up option from the top right corner, fill in the required spaces, and verify through email to start your account.

Can I join Quizizz after it starts?

Yes, you can join only in the “Homework” mode. If students use the same name to join a game, they will be allowed to resume their incomplete game.

Does Quizizz have a time limit?

Test Timer (available for the Quizizz Individual (Super) plan: This option displays a visible countdown time, and answers cannot be submitted after the timer runs out. A question is ” timed out” if students exceed the time limit in answering a question.

Can Quizizz be printed?

 Once users have made the necessary changes to the print preview page from the customizable option, click the “Print” button to print the quiz and lesson. Do check out the recommended list of articles below to understand more about Quizizz.

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