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How to Join Blooket Game?

Although Joining Blooket App is a straightforward task, many newbies still find it tricky due to the involvement of a few technical steps. If you’re among those confused learners, hook up to this article till the end to create your Blooket App Account seamlessly.¬†

Before dipping deep into this guide, we’d clarify that Joining a Blooket App or Signing Up are two different things. Concisely, students with existing Blooket accounts join an ongoing game, while newcomers must sign up before participating in any session.

Nonetheless, this informative blog will guide you on both aspects thoroughly. In the following section, we will explore the significance and prime features of the Blooket App alongside its benefits and nature of work for all Educators and Students.

Blooket: A Comprehensive Approach to Join

Blooket Login | Unlock Educational Benefits and Boost Gamify Learning is an academic platform that permits learners to play games and answer questions in a fun and engaging way. Similar to other applications like Kahoot!, Quizizz, and Gimkit, Blooket leverages gamification to make learning more interactive and enjoyable for students.

However, users need to join to play Blooket games with Blooket code, or Game ID (also known as a Blooket Pin’). This is how students and newbies can join a Blooket game hosted by educators, or merely sign up for a Blooket account to catch on your own.

This virtual platform provides participants with a variety of characteristics and tools that make it easy to stay organized and complete schoolwork on time. Throughout the process of signing up for the Blooket and logging in so that players can get started using the platform.

Upon successful joining, you can enjoy gamified learning with your friends on this interactive online platform. Further, this procedure unlocks in-depth layers of competition with focus mechanics while allowing teachers to prepare custom sets to address the concerns of appealing competition.

Join Blooket Excitement: Explore Diverse Strategies 

Unlock extraordinary educational experiences by joining Blooket and be amazed to learn more fun with friends. This site fosters a sense of connection between students and teachers by sharing resources. 

To join a Blooket game, users have multiple options. If users have a 7-digit game code, which is typically provided by a teacher or game host, users can easily join a game. Meanwhile, a few other options are also discussed below.

Direct Game Code Entry: Navigate to and enter the 7-digit game code provided by the teacher or game host.

QR Code: If a QR code is available, users can scan it with their device’s camera to join the game directly.

Join Link: Sometimes, users might receive a direct link to the game. Simply click on the link to proceed.

After entering the game code, users will be prompted to choose a nickname or users might be assigned a randomly generated one if the ” Use Random Names’ setting is enabled. Consumers can also select a Block to represent them while they wait for the game to start.

Sign Up Now! A Step-by-Step to Join Blooket

There is no second opinion that Blooket understands the specific need for students and teachers; therefore it offers customized study sets, unique paces, and power-ups without asking a single penny from users.

Blooket Join serves as an interactive educational gaming platform, offering a diverse range of tests, games, and exercises suitable for learners of all ages. Blooket Sign Up instructions:

  • “Blooket Join” in a browser.
  • Visit
  • The Blooket login homepage has two options: Teachers and students.
  • Instructors should select “Sign Up as a Teacher.” or Learners should select “Sign Up as a Student.”
  • Enter name, grade, country, login, password, and other information.
  • Click “Sign Up” to establish a Blooket account.
  • Email address will receive a Blooket admission code.

Join the Blooket Games Community with Codes

One of the comprehensive features of Blooket is the ability to knit games using special codes. Here’s how it works:

  • Teachers will provide a game code for their specific quiz or game. Sometimes, users might find codes shared online for public games.
  • On the Blooket dashboard, look for the option to ” Join a Game” and enter the code users have got.
  • After entering the code, participants will be taken directly to the game lobby. Wait for the game to start and enjoy the blend of learning and fun.

Quick and Easy Guide to Join Blooket Competition

Joining a Blooket game is a simple and easy process that permits students to grasp interactive and educational games and quizzes. It is a progressive and innovative program that combines gamification with educational content to create a dynamic learning experience.

Whether users are students looking to participate in a classroom fun activity or a teacher aiming to host a game, this guide will walk users through the steps to join a Blooket game successfully.

Obtain the Game Code

The first step in joining a Blooket game is obtaining the code the teacher or the game host typically provides. It is a unique identifier that allows players to access the specified game session intended for their class or group. Make sure users have the correct code before proceeding to the next step.

Access the Blooket Website

With the game code, navigate to the Blooket website using your preferred web browser. Users can type in the URL directly or search for “Blooket” using a search engine. The official Blooket website is where users will enter the game code to join the game

Join the Game

On the top of the page of the Blooket website, consumers will find the “Join a Game” link or button. Click on the link to proceed to the game entry page. Users will be prompted to enter the game code obtained in step 1.

Enter the Game Code

Enter the game code teacher or host provided in the designated field. Ensure users input the code accurately, as incorrect code will not grant players access to the game. Pay attention to the code’s uppercase letters, numbers, or special characters.

Choose a Nickname and Blook

After entering the game code, users will be asked to choose a nickname. This is the name that 

represents users during the game. Some teachers may have specific guidelines for choosing nicknames, such as using their real name or a particular format.

Wait for the Game to start

Once players have entered their nickname and selected their Blook, they will be placed in a waiting area or lobby. Here, they will see other participants who have also joined the game. Wait for the host or teacher to start the game. While waiting, users may have the option to play a mini-game or explore the interface.

Participate in the Game

When the host starts the game, follow the on-screen instructions to participate. Answer questions, compete with classmates, and enjoy the interactive learning experience. Blooket games are designed to be engaging and educational, so stay focused and try your best.

Review Performance

After the game concludes, users may have access to a performance report. This report can provide insights into the questions users answered correctly, areas where users may need improvement, and players overall ranking in the game.


Blooket is revolutionizing the way to approach learning, making it more interactive, engaging, and enjoyable. By following the simple steps outlined above, users can easily join the Blooket community, whether to enhance their teaching methods or to make their learning journey more exciting. Additionally, education does not have to be a chore. With platforms like Blooket, it can be an adventure. Sign-up Blooket is the first and foremost step towards a fun and interactive learning experience. With an extended range of games, customization features, and collaborative options, Blooket offers a unique platform for students and teachers alike.


How does Blooket work?

Teachers can create a free account on Blooket and then create “sets’ of questions on various topics or search for sets created by other educators. These sets can be used to host a variety of game styles, such as Gold Quest, Battle Royale, or Classic games. Students join games hosted by the teacher using a PIN and do not need to create an account.

Can Blooket be used for free?

Yes, Blooket is free, although a paid account option provides additional features like detailed student data. The free version has limitations, such as a maximum of 60 students per game and no ability to edit question sets created by others.

What are some of the game options in Blooket?

Some game options include Gold Quest, where students answer questions and choose chests to win gold; Cafe, where answering questions allows students to serve customers and earn money; and Factory, which requires strategy and patience as students manage resources to win.

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